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We are a South Texas local business that delivers your favorite dressings nationwide!

Innovation, creation, and implementation happened during a pandemic to our locally known restaurant. As we tried to explore selling points such at local farmer's markets, we discovered the demand for our delicious dressings. Our team decided to transition into a deeper online presence in order to increase our volume into potential points of sell. Our chef worked closely with laboratories and research and development team to make our dressings durable with a shelf life. Now we can ship our dressings to any point nationwide and plan to be in local stores near you!

Chef Clarissa

Culinary Arts Institute of California in Hollywood

Our Products

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Dressings

Food itself can at times not satisfy one's palate, it is the experience of all flavors combined with additional flavors you pair it with. This is why our Chef has developed some unique recipes for our dressings that can be suited for all types of cuisine. Trust us when we say "Fresh and Tasty"!

Cilantro Lime Dressing Bundle

12oz each


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Our Cilantro dressing pairs good with:

Salads, Grilled chicken, Tilapia, Ceviche, Poke bowls

Chipotle aioli Bundle

12oz each


Our Chipotle Dressing pairs good with:

Eggs, bagels, salads, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, fries, chips, sushi, poke bowls, chicken, fish, tacos, pizza,

In Memory of our beloved mother Esmeralda Villarreal

Our Cause

Huntington's Disease

Being dressed for school, homemade meals, school and community involvement was a typical day for our childhood. Seeing our mother leave to work at HEB in her uniform and nicely combed hair is a vision we will never forget as she is the root to our hard work and ambition.

During our teenage years, our mother was disabled with a progressive brain disorder called Huntington's Disease that causes brain cells, called neurons, to die in various areas of the brain. As the years passed, she developed symptoms such as involuntary movements, impaired balance, dementia, difficulty with speech, and swallowing. Each generation after a parent is diagnosed has a 50% chance of inheriting the disease. She was the most independent woman we knew and became completely dependent on her daughters.

Throughout the years growing up, we had to find creative ways to grow in our careers and be able to care for our mother at the same time. During the Covid pandemic, it pushed us to innovate our business to a digital presence in order to have more time flexibility and be able to care for her during her last stage of the disease.

We worked on our products for 1 year and lost our mother right before we were scheduling our 1st day of production. Life does not give you the option to pause time but to live each day to the fullest. We do not have the presence of our mother to continue seeing our goals achieved, however, we do have the opportunity to make a change in the Huntington's Disease community.

Below is a link to donate to the Huntington's Disease Society of America in order to help find a cure.

Thank you for your support!

Happy Customers...

Reviews from our previous restaurant before pursing our food manufactured products....

"Amazing food and service! Worth the price since everything is made in house. Highly recommended"

- Edgar Ontiveros

"Food always taste fresh and I never feel guilty when I eat there! "

- Sylvia Hinojosa

"The cured salmon sandwich is my favorite! The goat cheese and chicken are excellent as well. Everything is super fresh"

- Andrea Nicole Griffiths-Meyer

"I was there yesterday, first time I tasted the Cilandro soup. I also had a Chicken salad it was delicious . I will definitely go back."

- Elizabeth Borrego

"Picked up a salad from here yesterday, it was very good and I'm not that big of a salad person. Will definitely be eating here regularly. Glad I stumbled into this place! Great customer service, very clean place, and great food!"

- Mark Guerra

"This place is a great choice for fresh healthy food when you're on the go and want to avoid eating unhealthy fast food! Highly recommend it!"

- Robert Anthony Salinas

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